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While a hidden camera should never be your only method of monitoring, it can serve as an extra set of eyes while you’re away from the house.

We reviewed a few popular hidden cameras several months ago, but since then, a handful of hidden cameras have pinged on my radar. My first pick is an app-monitored camera cleverly disguised as a light bulb.

This only happened a few times during our month of testing so it’s not too much of an issue.

I’ve taken a couple of mugshots of myself in well-lit and dark conditions to see the quality.

The Home Monitor HD is a motion- and sound-sensing camera, which means – apologies for describing the bleeding obvious – that it only starts recording and sending video and audio to the cloud when it senses movement. For example, if you have it point at your front door you can choose for it to trigger only when something at least two-feet high comes in, while at the same time having another zone covering a front window.

That is unless you have some CSI enhancement magic to hand. The Home Monitor Indoor HD isn’t really about providing the sharpest picture clarity for video, or creating a perfect mug shot of a burglar.

Instead it is an eye on your home, a sentinel that informs you of what is happening in your house – who’s coming in and out.

You can disable motion control for specific days or hours of the day if you don’t want the camera to record every morning you leave for work.

The Home Monitor Indoor HD shoots, you guessed it, HD-quality video.

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