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Girma, 29, is deaf and blind; she was born that way.But none of that prevented her from speaking at two packed panels during South by Southwest last week and taking a few minutes to chat with me."One of the biggest obstacles is the attitude that accessibility is charity.'Oh, I’ll deal with it later because we don’t have time.' Disability tech is an investment in you. "Design it with access in mind." At SXSW, the tech giants and startups come to show the latest gadgets, such as Bose's augmented reality sunglasses or Sony's augmented reality air hockey."Hi Haben, I'm Kerry, reporter for Mashable," I typed on a keyboard that was placed in front of me outside of a conference room at the Hilton Austin Downtown to talk with Girma. Girma wasn't speaking about she herself, but rather about the topic of her panel.I had slowed down my typing and prayed that the message went through without typos, or at least was clear enough. Just minutes earlier, she had been part of an official SXSW panel titled, "Y35 W3 C4N: Innovations in Accessibility." Girma, along with Betsy Furler of Bridging Apps; Richard Ellenson of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation; and Sarah Herrlinger, Apple's accessibility director, spoke about the need for more commitment to accessibility in tech by businesses and entrepreneurs.Contestant Garrett Yrigoyen showed bachelorette Becca Kufrin his family’s agriculture business while planting tomatoes off the back of a tractor.Local Elections Alice Jarboe, 57, who has led the Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections office since her predecessor Jill Lavine retired in March, told county officials Wednesday that she intends to retire on Aug. State Investigators were trying to determine Thursday why two U. Army Blackhawk helicopters were flying so close to four large nylon tents that blew down during a training exercise at a California military base, injuring 22 Army Reserve soldiers. government cooperator Majid Khan complained that defense and prosecution attorneys on his case weren’t getting along in a rare court appearance at Guantánamo California A wild burro spotted over the weekend with an arrow through one ear has eluded rescuers seeking to treat the wound near Reche Canyon in Southern California. Crime - Sacto 911 A bomb scare at The Sacramento Bee’s midtown building Thursday morning was resolved without incident shortly after 9 a.m.

Business & Real Estate To raise awareness in an attempt to coerce private equity firms to create a hardship fund for former Toys R Us employees, a group of laid off workers plans to protest at a building owned by one of the investment companies behind the demise of the toy retailer.When speaking at The Girls' Lounge, an oasis run by The Female Quotient during business conferences, Girma referenced the poster behind her that read, "Confidence is beautiful." "How did you know that was there?" asked Shelley Zalis, founder of The Female Quotient.But interviewing someone over text when you're staring them in the eyes doesn't feel right.For Haben Girma, communicating with keyboards is simply a necessity.

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