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Our lesson today goes out to every eight year old who has ever had to sit still in the backseat for eight hours trapped between two quarreling siblings while the family enjoyed a nice drive into the countryside.If you're a premium subscriber, please note that we've enabled our Speaking Practice recording service for this lesson.I listen so much so often that I can recite some episodes by heart and mimic the voice actor/actress by now (I'm still at the Elementary but these days I can somewhat follow along TV shows and radio, which before only sounded like an incomprehensible jumble of sound). I find your dialogs to be practical, inventive, and interesting.Furthermore, they present natural language, and are well-structured for teaching, with impressive execution (i.e.I have learned almost exclusively from Popup and Anki flashcards.I took no formal Chinese courses and until today, I had paid no money.In short, we can radically accellerate your time-to-fluency.So you should create a free account and get started.

So once you've explored our site and know what we have to offer, please consider supporting our efforts. Please just be aware that we are operating on Beijing-time, so may be unavailable during the day if you live in North America or Europe.

Then tell us all about the worst vacation you've ever had.

Or just practice reading us the dialogue and vocabulary for this lesson.

All of our testimonials are real and unsolicited: we've suffered through the same dry textbooks and ineffective classes you have, and built Popup Chinese to solve the problems we had learning Chinese.

You can easily confirm this by searhing for independent reviews of Popup Chinese online, or reading our testimonials.

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various voices, and necessary repetition for early learners). :) I'm writing to thank you for the one year scholarship to China that I've just received from the Confucius Institute.

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