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I didn't say anything to Karen, but the body language as they were chatting in the pool had been very relaxed, which surprised me because Karen is normally rather shy and reserved when meeting people for the first time.

I was tempted to say something to Karen, but decided that might annoy her so I left it.

We'd been married for twenty years so there must have been thousands of times.

Suddenly now we were free and I felt restless and unsatisfied.

I had tried to encourage Karen into being more sexually adventurous.

I got a surprise when she told me one of her friends had asked her whether we would be interested in an evening where we swapped partners.

The following evening we'd been out to a restaurant for a meal and when we got back to the hotel Karen suggested a walk round one of the lakes.

It was still very warm, the moon was out and the subdued lighting by the side of the path added to the romantic ambiance.

She smiled and introduced me to Greg, then excused herself saying her skin would start to look like a prune and climbed out of the pool.

My apologies if this comes across as a bit selfish, but, for what felt like a long time, Karen had been a mother, now I wanted her back as a wife. She might have been nearly forty, but good genes and an interest in sports meant she had kept her looks and figure.

I won't claim she was exceptional, and I know I'm biased, but she could have passed for thirty and when the mum's got together at High School events, it was clear she was in the top 10% and I intercepted quite a few admiring looks from the men present.

All our energies recently had gone into our family, but within a period of twelve months both our children had headed off to university and become independent.

Both of us saw this holiday as an opportunity to reconnect, to become a couple again.

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