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In a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office of the central government in 2014, one in 15 women reported experiencing rape at some time in their lives, compared with one in five women who report having been raped in the United States.But scholars say Japanese women are far less likely to describe nonconsensual sex as rape than women in the West.In a news conference in May and a book published in October, she said the police had obtained hotel security camera footage that appeared to show Mr.Yamaguchi propping her up, unconscious, as they walked through the hotel lobby.The police and courts tend to define rape narrowly, generally pursuing cases only when there are signs of both physical force and self-defense and discouraging complaints when either the assailant or victim has been drinking.Last month, prosecutors in Yokohama dropped a case against six university students accused of sexually assaulting another student after forcing her to drink alcohol.

In pictures from the footage seen by The New York Times, Mr. Ito to his room but said, “It would have been inappropriate to leave her at the station or in the hotel lobby.”He declined to describe what happened next, citing the advice of his lawyers. Ito’s civil suit, he said he undressed her to clean her up and laid her on one of the beds in his room.And barely 4 percent said they had gone to the police. Yamaguchi, agreed to discuss her case in detail to highlight the challenges faced by women who suffer sexual violence in Japan.“I know if I didn’t talk about it, this horrible climate of sexual assault will never change,” she said. Yamaguchi, 51, also agreed to speak for this article. The police interviewed a taxi driver who said he had taken Ms. Yamaguchi to a hotel, although the woman had asked to be taken to a train station.By contrast, in the United States, about a third of rapes are reported to the police, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.“Prejudice against women is deep-rooted and severe, and people don’t consider the damage from sexual crimes seriously at all,” said Tomoe Yatagawa, a lecturer in gender law at Waseda University. When she contacted him again in Tokyo, he suggested that he might be able to help her find a job in his bureau, she said.At some point, she felt dizzy, went to the bathroom, laid her head on the toilet tank and blacked out, she said. “So he got off first and put his bags on the ground, and he slid his shoulder under her arm and tried to pull her out of the car. When she came out, she said, “he tried to push me down to the bed and he’s a man and he was quite strong and he pushed me down and I yelled at him.”She said she demanded to know what had happened and whether he had used a condom. Ito believes she was drugged, she said, but there is no evidence to support her suspicion. If she could have controlled herself, then nothing would have happened.”Mr.It looked to me like she was unable to walk on her own.”Ms. He told her to calm down, she said, and offered to buy her a morning-after pill. Yamaguchi said he had brought her to his hotel because he was worried that she would not make it home.

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