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Sexual Coercion: The act of using pressure through threats, alcohol or drugs, or force to have sexual contact with someone against his or her will.Persistent attempts to have sexual contact with someone who has already refused is a type of sexual coercion. Sexual Misconduct: Any other nonconsensual conduct of a sexual nature including but not limited to touching, fondling, kissing, groping, indecent exposure, sex-based cyber-harassment, peeping or other voyeurism, forcing others to view sexual activity, and/or the non-consensual photography, video or audio taping of sexual activity. Dating/Relationship Violence: Dating/Relationship Violence is violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim where the existence of such relationship shall be based on a) the length of the relationship, b) the type of the relationship and c) the frequency of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship.• Drives City transit vehicles to safely transport persons on designated routes in a timely manner, following all applicable laws, policies, and regulations.• Conducts safety inspections of the bus before starting the engine.

Spending a lazy sunny afternoon out on the Atlantic exploring different inlets and waterways, sippin’ a cold one, and blasting your favorite tunes makes for an unforgettable romantic adventure.

We Southerners also have a way of talking so that bad things don’t sound so bad.

For example, when we say “bless your heart,” it really means “oh goodness, how can someone be so stupid.” It’s hard to have a lover’s quarrel when the other person sounds so darn sweet, right?

Plus, we know all the fun events and happenings around town to be sure there’s always fun to be had.

But as much as we love to party and day drink, we’re also into highbrow stuff.

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