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But that’s just unheard of, that scale of fire this early in the year," Craig Thomas told Beth Ruyak.“Because one of the things we need to do is we need to help the public understand that the old phrase ‘fight fire with fire’ is very appropo. Some turned out to be obscure, locally beloved pipsqueaks; some turned out to be college towns with more to offer than just tailgating and dive bars; some turned out to be beach getaways or mountain hideouts; and at least one turned out to be the 16th-biggest city in the whole damn country. Learn them well -- they're going to make you happy, once you inevitably go to every one of 'em.This week is Wildfire Awareness Week, as fire season starts to heat up across California.We’ll talk with Jim Branham from Sierra Nevada Conservancy and Craig Thomas from Sierra Forest Legacy about what could be different about this fire season, and whether the additional rains and snow might help limit mega fires in 2016.

And that gives you the breathing room to just enjoy Buena Vista.But when the city takes the opportunity to lay claim to its complex history rather than deny it, that honesty also becomes the fabric of its culture.So yes, while Montgomery boasts historical landmarks like the tiny First White House of the Confederacy, it answers with the estimable Civil Rights Memorial & Center, featuring a commemorative wall by the same designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC.Wander into the Salty Dawg Saloon, where drinks are dangerously cheap and served until 5am Southeastern Arizona’s Mule Mountains provide out-of-towners the freedom to set out on cactus-dotted hiking trails and discover old copper mines.The thrill of discovery, er, peaks when happening upon Bisbee, a mining-town-turned-arts-colony tucked into the desert.

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