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That doesn't mean we always get along; there have been times when I thought the mere sight of him would land me on CNN, being escorted away in handcuffs.But our moments of spookily accurate couple ESP remind me that what we have is special.It's our excuse to spend time together, communicate, and...I am a passionate volunteer who enjoys long walks on the beach, hikes, and reading.Nothing boosts the romance like running each other through with a chain saw." — KATRINA DUFF, 27, DUMFRIES, VA, MARRIED FOR 7 YEARS"My husband and I never kiss just once — it's always five kisses in a row, even before we go to sleep.It's like giving ourselves good relationship luck." — JANE ATKINSON, 47, LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, MARRIED FOR 4 YEARS"We write messages to each other with an old-school bar of soap on our bathroom mirror.It might also be the hors d'oeuvres platter my wife prepares while I'm doing the uncorking. It unlocks all the little static-y pressure centers that have been bound up all day.And that thing they say about liquor making you feel good?

Maybe it's that we're not sitting in front of the TV — because not sitting in front of the TV, or consuming any electronic media whatsoever, is the main reason we started the whole tradition a year or so ago in the first place.It's our way of always ending the day on a fun note.If we've missed a night or two, I tease, 'You haven't thrown a sock at me in a while.'" — MARY ST.My favorite is touching eyes, because it's funniest." — JULIA GRAEPER, 34, BROOKLYN, NY, MARRIED FOR 2 YEARS"When I met the man who would become my husband, he had his bachelor pad in New York while I was used to suburban family life out in Connecticut, where I lived with my kids from my first marriage.We'd have date nights in the city, staying over in his apartment, but the leather sofa and unused galley kitchen never felt like home to me.

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