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Hildreth was arrested and bail was posted by five prominent men in the community.

Hildreth was found to have acted in self-defense and no charges were filed.

During a school exhibition and concert given at the Parson Hill schoolhouse, where the large audience was composed of blacks and whites — teachers, pupils, and spectators — an unknown gunman fired a double barreled shotgun into the assemblage. During an evening school dance at Plain Dealing High School, a fight broke out.

O'Donnell and one of the parents got into an argument. Williams, pulled a gun and fatally shot O'Donnell in the back.

As some children were playing and throwing snowballs outside the Ponca Creek schoolhouse, three young men pulled up in a wagon. When they were leaving, the kids followed with lots of snowballs. Harbaugh was in the wagon with The Shipley Brothers.

One of the brothers had with them a .45 caliber needle gun.

Harbaugh took the needle gun, and pointed it at the children.

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