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As usual our PBCs were of questionable character and had to be prodded constantly to perform the Doin's Tasks in a Satisfactory manner.But they somehow prevailed and managed to make it through the trials and tribulations needed to earn their Red Shirts.He'll get a solid dose of ECV history and be made to stand and deliver before the assembled brethren to experience the elevation of man.You'll provide him with a copy of the PBC Handbook, make sure he's prepared a five minute historical presentation to recite before the assembly and has in his possession a sufficient liquid bribe for our board.Just don't over-do because We've taken some criticism for giving up dirty initiations.But we've come to the conclusion that pouring maple syrup, corn flakes or putting cow pies down a guy's shorts really doesn't tell us much about a his and may only teach him that we're a bunch of sadistic Adam Henrys and that Clamping is about abuse.

You see in Mexico every day is Mexican Beer Day, which means that for most of the place Cinco de Mayo is no big deal except for those places where they can't get any Mexican beer.

Built from brick to replace the fire ravaged 1898 Headquarters Hotel, the Mc Kittrick has been in continuous operation since 1903, serving the community in its various incarnations as gathering place, supply depot, general store, and just a good place to stay and eat for the last 115 years.

It's been decades since the Mc Kittrick has taken in any hotel guests, but it survives as a restaurant and bar. While PXL does not provide alcohol, those who bring something to share quickly discover that the stories, whoppers and flat-out lies just flow like Red Eye at a bawdy house.

Sorry, we've told Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr. likes to say, PXL has room for every kind of guy, all the way "from brain surgeons to drain surgeons." In fact, our members really are a disparate bunch and about half of our members come to us from other chapters because they've found a home with us. I've also started work on a CLOG update to fill you in on some of the details you may have missed about the chapter's progress, so you'll want to check back soon.

So if you've never been to one of our events, or haven't been for a while, there's no time like the present. If you're on Facebook feel free to post your comments, suggestions, complements, complaints and whatever crosses your mind, to our Facebook page.

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But that Cisco in the front looks strangely Italian, and that Pancho in the back we suspect is more dangerous with a barbeque fork than a six-shooter. We've even seen him hanging out with Manuel Bean Latin, so while we don't doubt Pancho's authenticity, we'll always be wondering when his forking skills will suddenly employ to tell us that Cisco is done as opposed to only being medium rare.

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