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I never knew one could buy a car and drive it off the lot the same day – what a new world I am discovering!

“What happened to the ,000 black one with the works? But I sat in the driver seat and played with the buttons while Cathy went looking for something else.After greeting Lindsey, who happened to be standing next to the sales manager, I said, “I’m here to buy a top of the line Chrysler and I want to dispense with all the crap and be on my way!” Manager Jamie said he would make sure we got what we wanted and we started looking at cars. There was her black car but with a ,000 price tag.Our website shows pieces of Hall we offer for sale as one of the largest dealers of this pattern. Well, we came, we saw, we bought, we left – all without lunch and just a light breakfast; Cathy and I were famished and now it was nearly 7 PM.We needed to stop again at Nemers to pick up our other Town and Country and we remembered passing the Wishing Well Restaurant so on our way back down Route 9 we stopped there for dinner.

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