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The Facebook property is worth about 0 million, according to municipal records, accounting for nearly half of the entire town’s value.But only about 250 people work there, in a town with a population of 7,400. Kenneth Odom often finds himself curious about the data center, which he passes on his way to work each day.The Facebook user data obtained by Cambridge Analytica and others has probably spread far out of reach, experts say, to other databases and the dark Web.But it is also here — in bytes stored on tens of thousands of computer servers tucked inside three well-guarded and ever-expanding buildings — that the amorphous discussion about privacy is made concrete.If you're in Pennsylvania and want to meet others with similar interests on an adult personals site, can help you hookup with other locals tonight.Via messaging, photo sharing and video chatting, there are plenty of ways to share in the naughty fun.“That was really creepy,” said library assistant Amanda Mc Clay. “Well,” Edwards said, “I don’t think you can put that ketchup back in the bottle.” Jerred Roberts, who owns Puzzle Creek Outdoor, finds what Facebook is doing with data both “scary” and “interesting.” He uses Facebook as a small-business owner to place ads, and he marvels at its ability to target people who, for example, ride bicycles and live in the county. Otherwise, he uses it to keep up with far-flung friends and family. While deleting Facebook is rare, several residents spoke of pulling back from sharing intimate details on their social media pages because of the recent privacy trouble.

Once, library staff were talking about something in the office, and Edwards later saw ads for it on Facebook, as though the computer were eavesdropping.

She had been meaning to do this for weeks, ever since outrage over Facebook’s handling of user privacy first burst into her timeline. “I’m afraid to see what Facebook has on me,” she said.

— It was slow at the thrift shop, and manager Stephanie Henderson, 38, was looking at her laptop, trying to discover all that Facebook had collected on her: the posts, the memes, the photos, the messages to her family. As she waited, Henderson tried to imagine what a decade’s worth of personal details might look like.

“This is just so embarrassing.” Facebook has been on the defensive about user privacy since last month’s revelation that political-data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly harvested the profiles of 87 million Facebook users.

The social media giant pledged reforms while also divulging that “malicious actors” could have collected the personal data of most of its two billion users worldwide.

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