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Mo takes charge of a children's nativity play, but fails to keep the children under control.

In a raffle, she wins Max Branning's (Jake Wood) car, but sells it, to Max's dismay.

When a benefit fraud officer declares that Jean has been illegally claiming benefits while working at the pub, Mo admits to Jean and Kat that she has been claiming benefits in Jean's name.

Jean agrees to take the blame, as Mo has previous convictions.

They reconcile, but break up again when Bert's ex-wife, Evie Brown (Marji Campi), arrives in Walford, terminally ill.

Mo begins selling cigarettes that she bought in Spain and two of her customers turn out to be Revenue and Customs officers.

Orlenda leaves, after admitting she was scamming Charlie, but returns his money.Clement) arises, but they reconcile at Mo's former husband and Pat's brother, Jimmy Harris's (Alex King) grave.Much of Mo's time is spent selling poor quality stolen goods and she trades with Fat Elvis (Shenton Dixon).Mo persuades Kat to come home and Kat reluctantly agrees, but when they get home, men are waiting for Kat and her money. Mo is shocked to learn that Kat is pregnant and Alfie is not the father.When Kat goes into labour, Mo delivers her son, Tommy Moon, on the floor of The Vic's barrel store.

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