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However, Raheem asks simple questions and guides users through the process of making reports with Facebook Messenger.All submitted data is available for others to see in real time on an online dashboard.The chatbots above promote reporting incidents while protecting users’ anonymity.And there are many more socially minded chatbots available in the growing field.Unfortunately, employers with bad intentions can capitalize on that element of confusion and fail to pay workers the proper [email protected] aids in recording your hours and the amount you’ve earned.Such is the case with the [email protected] chatbot, which helps reduce wage theft.

But recently, developers have made chatbots with a social justice slant so you can report misdeeds quickly and without giving your name.And although Spot, the sexual harassment-reporting chatbot profiled above, has obvious merits, it may fall short when it comes to data protection and security practices.Still, these chatbots undoubtedly make it easier for people to report troubling incidents they see or experience, especially when the technology upholds anonymity.Fortunately, there’s Spot, a chatbot that initiates an interview process about any sexual harassment event you’ve experienced or witnessed.The interview could take as few as 10 minutes or as long as the individual feels is necessary to provide all the details.

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Sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace, but it still happens.

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