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Parsi suspects that this was the reason that Roshanak decided to end her life by overdosing on opium; he believes that she was not happy with her surgery. Following his outing, regular homophobic harassment, from both his peer group and his family, became a normal part of Nima’s life.

The loss of Roshanak proved to be quite saddening for Parsi, who couldn’t help but wonder if she would be alive had she been allowed to continue living as a gay man. One night, tired of the constant bullying he faced, he died by suicide by eating rat poison.

Their living conditions were poor, to say the least.

Their apartment did not come with a shower or hot water.

However, he considers being the director of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees his true profession.

His LGBT advocacy started back in his home country in 2001.

After the attack and his meeting with the police officers, Parsi headed to a hospital near his apartment, hoping to get medical attention for his shoulder, though he had no health coverage in Turkey. He became the director of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees.

All it would take for such an operation was the identity of one queer Iranian to be found by police.

They then forced him to log onto personal online chat accounts and begin conversations with their contacts, asking them to meet up.

In 2002, the Iranian regime became aware of the digital communication within the queer community.

With this new realization came a series of attacks that involved luring queer Iranians out of the safety of virtual reality and into a public place where they would be arrested.

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The contact list was then shared amongst members so that they could connect to each other.

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