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In fact, a recent study looked at how accurately people perceive flirting by having over 100 heterosexual strangers engage in conversation with another participant.

Afterward, researchers asked each person if they flirted during their interaction and whether they thought their partner flirted with them.

Afterward, researchers asked each person about their romantic interest and matched it up with their behaviors during the interaction.

A follow-up study found that outside observers who were not in the actual interaction were even less accurate, suggesting that their objectivity did not help but only made things worse.

Don't just launch into it randomly, but if the moment is right, seize the mic and unleash your practiced-to-perfection tale.4.

Be a bit weird Think Zooey Deschanel weird, not woman-at-the-bus-stop-who-screams-at-pigeons weird.

If you have a quirky streak, don't hide it - bizarre bants is often the BEST kind. Even if you're swooning your face off inside, the key to bants is to act like you're barely into them at all. The goal is to be bickering like siblings by the end of the evening. Tough crowd..." will turn your bants-fail straight back into bants again.

And if someone can't handle your crazy at this stage, you know they're not worth wasting your chat on. (The Game of Thrones type of siblings, if you catch our drift). Unleash your inner Chandler Bing (to an extent) Using a smattering of sarcasm in conversations keeps the banter flowing.

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It is important to read these situations properly because the line between friendly and more than friends can be difficult to discern.

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