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“But if you are afraid that I’d try to coerce you, you should know that I have regular partners and no desire to do anything other than pursuing pleasure.” I had to admit that he was persuasive. I figured we’d talk about what she thought about Roy and maybe she’d agree to have a session with him at another time. I told Roy that we had a hotel room nearby and gave him the room number. He ran his tongue over her lips, kissed her neck, and returned to her mouth. The kiss stretched out, and I could see that their tongues were getting acquainted.

I asked him to wait a few minutes and then join us. I wondered if she had wanted a session at a later date. He slid his hand up her arm and placed it behind her neck. Their lips parted, but he kept his hand on her neck.

But the chat kept coming back to me over the next week. We were trying a month of eating with no TV in hopes it would get us closer. She’d unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse when she walked in the door. I don’t think he’s anxious to push us into anything. Even if you didn’t want to go with him, it would probably make us both hot.” “You really want to watch me with another man? You know these things never turn out like your fantasy.” “I know. As long as we don’t have to go ahead.” I made an appointment with Roy for the next Friday at a quiet restaurant about halfway between our place and the little town in the foothills where he lived.

She saw me looking at the top of her breasts that her uplift bra created the perfect smooth curve. Once I had someone’s name to put into the fantasy, it changed things.” She looked like she was thinking. Laura and I arrived fifteen minutes early and ordered glasses of wine.

Some chat rooms were about hookups, and I chatted with a few women just for fun. She didn’t like the idea of having sex with random men, but she didn’t drop the discussion right away and seemed somewhat open to the idea.Talking about it was a turn on though, and we’d revisited that discussion several times as one of our shared fantasies.After seven years together, we tried to keep our intimate life exciting and were pretty creative about sex.He was well dressed in fashionable casual clothes and brown loafers. After placing our orders, we talked about the traffic and the weather. I’d expected she might say that we could talk about it, but I wouldn’t have been surprised for her to say no.Laura didn’t say much, but I could see that she was studying him.” “If we did this, how would you see it working,” I said. “Well, for one thing I should tell you that I think Laura is beautiful. Then she met my eyes and held my gaze for several minutes. For her to decide now that we could go ahead meant that I had to be completely wrong about what she was thinking.

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He cupped her breast and took a while just massaging that breast. He crawled onto the bed next to her and knelt at her side.

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