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And in my 26 years of life, I am a mom, a daughter, a friend, a coworker. I love being these things, and one day I’m sure I’ll love being a wife also.

The problem is that so many find our identity in these things that we I took myself on plenty of “dates”.

I know every single mom is different, but my son comes just about everywhere with me that kids are allowed.

That means he’s the youngest member of my co-ed college and 20’s small group.

I’ve been in and out of church my entire life, but the heartache I went through last spring is what truly brought me to the foot of the cross to surrender myself and my dating life to God.

I thought I had my head screwed on tightly about how one should date.

That meant dates would be few and far between, but God had revealed to me that any man worth dating much less spending the rest of my life with would be willing to agree to these dating terms.

Taking the time to date first before introducing your children keeps your children from having to deal with the constant revolving door of men coming in and out of their lives (they get attached easier than we do).

He began to show me the mistakes I had made in the past and the things I needed to do in the future to guard my heart.

And when that time comes that you have found someone that loves your children as much as you do, it is very important that you put your husband before your children.

The first time I heard this idea, it seemed so taboo to me as a single mom.

Yes, I do understand as single mothers, we are still single.

But one day, we will hopefully be married to amazing men of God.

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That means he comes early to help me serve on Sundays and leaves late after service is over.

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