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David then reveals to her that his wife died two years ago and he believes it's too soon for Phoebe to have a stepmother to replace her. Lucy comes to Tom's bar and shows him the swanky outfit she got for herself to share with George, whom she introduces to Tom.

Tom becomes visibly upset, and he invites Alice to get drunk.

Kelly and her team of Cupids have been helping singles from age 25 to 75 become couples through their expert matchmaking service and events.

Thinking Ken is too young for her to have a future with, she hides the pregnancy from him.

Back at Tom's bar, Lucy has a string of horrible dates, at which point Tom realizes that he has feelings for her.

Lucy, extremely agitated, breaks down at her volunteer job reading stories to children.

George (Jason Mantzoukas), who works at the bookstore, soothes her and the two begin a relationship.

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Meanwhile, Meg has a change of heart while briefly watching over a baby, and she decides to have a child of her own via a sperm donor.

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