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The criminals behind this demands a ransom or else threatens to circulate the recording to their contacts (family, friends, colleagues etc).Scare tactics are often used to threaten the user in the hope that they will hand over funds.(Ps: do not ignore this message otherwise all your privacy will be totally exposed) Hi, i guess you dont know me and you´re asking yourself why you´re receiving this email, right?I have put an malvware (virus) on a porn site (site with adult videos) and you accessed it to have some fun (you know what i mean) While you were watching the adult videos the system began to work as a RDP (Remote Desktop) with a keylogger and i had access to device screen and your camera.After that my malvware collected all your messengers, emails and social networks contacts. i just created an double screen video (the first part is your screen record, the second part is the recording of your camera (yes, record of yourself while watching the porn video, i must admit you have a nice taste 🙂 ) I guess isnt good news, right?

You have only 48 hours after reading this e-mail to send payment (Be warned i know when you have opened and read this email, i have placed a pixel image inside it.Which has recorded you both with webcam and screen capture while you had your “fun Time” allowing me to see exactly what you see.This has also affected your smartphone via an expl0it.Call: 1 8#skypetollfreenumber #skypetechsupport #skypesupportnumber #skypecallsupportnumber Looking for friendship im Jhon from Philippines and i just wanna have some friends especially in US.I like to talk with different topics and changing information about countries.

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