Small schools consolidating

The system works on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the best.

Without this analysis, all that could previously be learned was a school’s individual score without any perspective.

They each had their own unique way to go about it, but overall the goal was to cut school administration costs.

Oklahoma does have an abnormally high number of school districts compared to other states with similar student populations, but Dr.

Still, state officials point to other states with similar student populations, but far fewer districts. Take Louisiana for example: they have 70 school districts—compared to Oklahoma’s 516—but about the same number of kids. But Louisiana spent 0 million more on principals and school level administration.

All told, Louisiana spends more on administration despite having a fraction of the number of districts.

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Due to the immense push from parents and small school supporters, Senator Ford said he won’t hear any more of the consolidation bills that are on the table this legislative session.

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