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Raising a family single-handedly, longer working hours, less socializing and financial restrictions mean that for many, the traditional ways of meeting potential suitors are being replaced with online dating and social media sites.But according to Jennifer Haskins, who gave internet dating a go, these have their pitfalls when it comes to separating “the men from the boys”.Many of her clients joined Jennifer’s agency after growing disenchanted with internet dating and the impersonal nature of meeting online.“People are forgetting how to communicate nowadays,” she says. When they join Two’s Company they are actually going to physically meet someone after talking to them initially over the phone.It’s so much more personal than being in touch with someone via a smartphone or Facebook.“I’m amazed at how many people don’t know how to start a conversation with someone else any more. What I’m seeing is that people are getting disillusioned with internet dating and realizing the downside of it. to meet nice friendly people who like to have a laugh and not sit an talk about people an fighting all the time, hate negative people also, so if ur up for a good laugh give me a shout!! My interests include reading, gardening, film and theatre... I am quite Hi all i am interested in people who can stimulate my brain and maybe me lol...Hi my name is Ali I love my adopted city with passion I not always live here my self I love walking and reading and going out for a meal sitting near a open fire and having a glass of wine I love the Hi I'm Jo. i am looking for friendship at the mo but am open to whatever fate brings my way..

I am 5ft of medium build I have blue eyes and blonde hair.“But one of the things that’s important to point out is that we’re talking about 10 or 12 years ago when internet dating was in its infancy.There are so many more sites out there now, it’s a lot more open.“Of course, I’d think twice about it now.I'm new on here and looking to meet new women for chat and a date maybe. Not interested in couples looking for threesomes and not interested in men pretending to be women either. no small talkers as it can send me into a dream world I am looking for a friend, mate, someone too talk too how understands, someone who knows how to make me laugh, and to enjoy life to the full, I love animals and have a dog --- don't like smokers ---- like the odd glass of Ok so time fer an update... Love nothing better than a roaring fire and a little Ella crooning from the ipod (yup im a bit of a gadgetnerd) Or a walk along the beach with the hi there, big bubbly sort of girl who enjoys a good laugh but not at the expence of others, i like to treat people the way i would like to be treated......suppose i'd describe myself as faithful, independent, passionate, I enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities (reading, dining, dancing, playing the violin and drumming [lots of drums], watching films, hiking, walking, cycling, swimming, storytelling).I am attractive, youthful, with a special interest in Irish Studies. Love music, especially dance tunes, going to live gigs.

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