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But by the end of the year, Speed felt he needed to go back to Kentucky to prepare for his marriage in February.(There was no way, given the distance and his work obligations, for Lincoln to travel to Louisville for the wedding.) It was wrenching for both men to be separated again.But in the fall of 1840, as his marriage to Mary Todd approached, Lincoln lived with the prospect of losing his best friend.My argument is that Lincoln became confused – even panicked – at the looming loss of Speed coupled with the fast-approaching wedding date.View the full list In the spring of 1837, a “long, gawky, ugly, shapeless man” walked into Joshua Speed’s dry goods store in Springfield, Illinois, requesting supplies for a bed.Speed said the cost would be US, which ended up being too pricey for the visitor, who asked instead for credit until Christmas. Speed spontaneously came up with an alternative plan.Lincoln met her at a soiree in the Edwards’ mansion – he often attended these events with Speed – and became immediately enchanted with Mary. By the following summer, the two were engaged to be married, with a date set for Jan. But in a move that has baffled historians, Lincoln broke off the engagement in late December 1840 and fell into a suicidal depression.Bedridden, he was prone to hallucinations, and his friends were worried enough to hide his razor.

Herndon, “crazy as a loon.” What historians haven’t noted – and what I was able to discover in the course of my research – is that Speed, whose father had died in the spring of 1840, had been planning to return to Louisville, Kentucky, to straighten out the affairs of the family’s large plantation.

Speed’s fears of intimacy, as he later wrote in a letter to Herndon, mirrored those of Lincoln.

He even feared being separated again from his friend and ended up returning to Springfield for the rest of the fall to be with Lincoln.

In August and September, Speed began to post notices in the local paper, calling in his debts as he prepared to sell his store and return to Louisville.

Speed ended up not leaving until the spring of 1841.

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They’re planning to spend the weekend choking-back heart-rending sobs and cramming into their big fat faces, right?

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