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The piece uses eight old analog synthesizers (Moog MG-1, Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, and other goodies), with Mark winding the springs and watching chaos ensue, seemingly not getting involved or attached.

I hated the idea of feelings and I shut them out and didn’t do friends (ironically this is when I received most attention from the females).Artes honed her skills working with studios and boasts an impressive resume including projects with Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, NBC, and Sesame Street.We’re thrilled to see her moving into the independent arena, and are excited for her next project, where she has hinted she’ll be flexing her animation muscles and mixing up her tone and style.Mark Applebaum excels in cool-headed indulgence, not heartstring tugging.This manifests especially well in "Skeletons in the Closet”, which is an exercise in compositional deism and indeterminacy.

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