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And unlike online dating, speed dating allows for immediate face-to-face communication to assess if there is at the very least a physical connection early on in the potential relationship.“Speed dating is an individual thing,” said Seifert, who is a speed dating success story herself: She met her husband at an event a few years ago.“There is a ‘bound’ on how much we can usefully process and take account into our decisions (whether they refer to our chocolate consumption or our mate choices).” Beyond that bound, additional availability of chocolates, as well as of mates, becomes redundant if not deleterious to our propensity to choose, he said.Francesconi and Linton came to their conclusions after analyzing decisions made by 1,870 male and 1,868 female participants in more than 80 commercially run speed-dating events.

After all match cards are collected, we will input the data into our registry from each event and send out all mutual matches within 24 hours.Melissa Seifert, co-founder of Oakville-based speed-dating company Single in the City, which holds events in Toronto, disagrees.“The more people you meet, the better chances you have of meeting somebody you’re interested in,” she said.The singles reported their age, height, weight, education, occupation, religion and smoking habits.At each event, participants met members of the opposite sex on three-minute dates. As the number of options increased, the researchers found, the number of matches decreased.

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