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I always like it when TV shows are about the process of making TV, but even still, this scene feels like it goes to the heart of The thing is, Foy’s performance is so fantastic that my issues with the writing of Elizabeth almost seem beside the point. Elizabeth’s terrible “lives of average people” speech was actually taken from the text of her 1954 Christmas broadcast, and although it reads slightly better when it’s not being directly addressed to a factory full of autoworkers, the text is still worthy of Lord Altrincham’s criticisms.

But it’s time to accept that Elizabeth will never get the darkly dramatic, daring, fictionalized reconsideration that her sister Margaret gets.

” In case you had any doubt whether we were supposed to agree with the queen mother or whether Lord Altrincham was going to win this battle, the episode also throws in some commentary about how all of his suggestions were adopted and he eventually revoked his title.

Lord Altrincham did not hate Elizabeth; he saved her.

I’m perpetually frustrated with Philip, who will never be sneered at as much as he deserves, and I’m exasperated with the attention Margaret gets while Elizabeth is stuck with borrowed stag-hunting scenes.

But moments like that televised Christmas speech reveal exactly how great this show can be, especially when it’s an incisive examination of celebrity, star-making, and public figureheads.

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Now we move on to “Marionettes,” where Elizabeth’s story feels very straight, no-nonsense, this-is-how-the-history-went-down period TV. Calm down, buddy.) The televised Christmas speech scene is also a knockout.

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