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Since the refresh token lasts forever, you'd never have to require a user to go through any form of authentication flow.

I have used Spotify collaborative playlists only once and noticed that the one I created dissapeared (not sure if it was a technical error somewhere on the part of Spotify or malicious acts that got carried out by initially setting my playlists to be open and editable.

Therefore, I am writing an application (using Spotify Web Api, node and mysql) that gives the user more control over the collaborative playlists.

That’s the real path to getting a song onto a major playlist.Collaborative playlists are a different animal, because they’re asynchronous, in that people can access them at different times.While Turntable and Wahwah stream music live to everyone at the same time, like radio, Spotify lets you queue up specific songs in a collaborative playlist that invitees can access on demand, whenever they want.That was the playlist that was at first collaborative and now it’s not editable- I had to rebuild it. Information and the narrative about what this was about (Songs of Community Managers) can be ) was built from a physical-world effort around the Women’s March in Washington D.

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