Steam says updating but does nothing

I press ‘play’ in Launcher window, and the green ‘‘starting client’’ appears. A little black box pops up and says ‘starting eve online’ but nothing happens. Game does not launch for me either after this new update yesterday.Its a decent tool, I know, I used it about 30 times in all of this.While I was in there at about the 25th time, I cycled through all of the driver options, just to make sure my system was really clean of any graphics drivers.That, and my motherboard has an integrated AMD, so I wasn’t sure if it was causing conflicts.If Windows boots without a ‘proper’ graphics driver it uses a generic windows OS driver so you don’t have a blank screen. I’ve naturally restarted the launcher, my computer, and verified the integrity of files, to no avail. Loglite also ending with “Terminating process by request - returning 12”, however just before that it gives an error saying “No valid display adapter found.” Updated my Nvidia graphics drivers and it is now launching for me. Following to Windows 10 developer update yesterday the launcher starts, log in ok but the client doesn’t start, it returns back to login. Not to mention multiple ‘findings’ of this issue across the forums some over a year or more old, and 0 response from anyone official on how to fix the EVE program. I pay to play the game, not troubleshoot this game.

I submitted a bug report on it, which was handled by an ISD member and has been open now for 3 days. Now I am sitting here paying for 2 days and counting on 2 paid accounts, and not even the courtesy of a human response on either of the account tickets, not even ‘hey, my name is so-and-so I have been assigned your ticket and am looking into it…’ But…All of the advertisements sure are working great! …now that I think about it, I am going to go turn the subscriptions off now…that might generate more response than I have been getting.Last, I ran through other items seen on forums, like ‘verify’ the eve shared cache, clean it. I even did the full EVE wipe, re-download, re-install to no results.At that point you really are looking at something outside of EVE.Its concerning when the ‘system’ itself tells you its being denied access to something on the system…I ran mal-ware bytes, another decent free program checking for system issues/malware.

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You can parse through everything in that log(as I did, its a great read on what all the client is doing) or just filter to the error/red items.

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