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NOTE: Make sure you use the correct case to install the Update-UX bundle (in title case).This bundle contains the update-ux command (lowercase).DVD Update-UX For each virtual partition, except the first virtual partition, use Update-UX to install the latest OE and v Pars bundle.These updates can occur in parallel, although this is not required.DVD HPUX11i-OE-Ent T1335CC When using Update-UX to update v Pars, you must update in this manner, in which case you are updating both the OS and v Pars version with the same command line.

To perform a clean installation (the database of previous version will be deleted), uninstall the old version and restart the installation.

Download new firmware from HP website (for example BL860c firmware here). Now navigate to the directory we created in above steps and then run file to start upgrade process.

You should be having a valid contract with the vendor. There should be the list of files like listed below.hpoa330PF_CTAHISYS0425bl860c_1_92_install_fweupdate_1p92update_# /usr/sbin/setboot -v Primary bootpath : 2/0/0/3/0.0x6.0x0 (/dev/rdisk/disk40) HA Alternate bootpath : Alternate bootpath : 2/0/0/2/0.0x6.0x0 (/dev/rdisk/disk16) Autoboot is ON (enabled) Hyperthreading : OFF : OFF (next boot) ----- output truncated ----- Now you need to copy firmware files in EFI partition of this primary boot disk. Follow below commands to create the directory first and then copy files within it. fweupdate_1p92-mnu F ************************************************************************* **** **** **** FWEUPDATE **** **** EFI Firmware Update Utility for IPF Systems **** **** (c) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company, 2001-2006 **** **** All rights reserved.

The Windows For workarounds, see Upgrading fails if the previous version of the product is installed in a long path and Upgrading fails if the previous version of the product is installed in a path with unsupported characters.

Descriptions of the new options are in the merged global options file.

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The command sequences for loading the v Pars Monitor differ on the BCH (on PA-RISC) and EFI Shell (on HP Integrity) interfaces.

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