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General manager Harper Brown, dapper in his tuxedo, presided over it all with charm and iron control. The city was under siege; it was turning into a war zone.Instead of the affluent tourists and travellers that the Europa was designed to accommodate, it became a home-from-home for journalists who had been sent to cover the trouble in Belfast.So for a couple of months during the summer of 1973, moved into the Europa Hotel.” Martin Mulholland, who is now head concierge at the Europa, started working at the hotel in September 1983. I do remember people asking – ‘what would make you apply for a job in the most bombed hotel in the world?’ ” He, too, recalls the journalists’ occupation of the place.Everyone came to the Europa – the press mainly, but everyone else came because of the press.If you were a politician, or a soldier, or even a paramilitary, you knew that was where to put the word out.On one occasion, the Provisionals simply walked in to the lobby and left a bomb in a box at reception with the letters ‘IRA’ scrawled on it.Today, the Europa is not only standing proud, it’s thriving, and looking forward to a successful 2017.

So I decided to put it into liquid form.” At one point, the ’ entire Belfast desk decamped to the Europa after a huge car bomb wrecked the paper’s base on Great Victoria Street.

ED’s Executive Director Susan Knox takes part in the Guidelines Development Group and Deputy CEO/Head of Public Affairs Karen Benn takes part in the Quality Assurance Scheme Development Group.

ED is a stakeholder and will continue to be invited to make presentations and to participate in other meetings regarding the development of this project, which began in September 2015.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that the Europa Hotel in Belfast is still standing.

Between 19, it was damaged by explosions 33 times, gaining it the dubious title of “the most bombed hotel in the world”.

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“For your own comfort, don’t go to Belfast until July,” advised an early advert. Not only will the Europa be the only international hotel in Northern Ireland, but also the largest and most luxurious.” In the top-floor Penthouse, diners could feast on Forbidden Fruits - white peaches served in flaming brandy – for 55p each, or Duckling Aquarius (£2.70), “for an intimate tete-a-tete” to be shared between two.

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