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From the feel of it I could tell wife tied several knots at the back instead of a quick release bow.

Her demeanor at this point changed completely and quite frankly, scared the hell out of me.

This particular evening my wife had me strip down to my underwear and lay face down on the bed.

I crossed my wrists behind my back and she proceeded to bind my wrists with a 6 foot length of cotton rope.

Next up were my ankles and my dear wife did as expert a job binding my ankles together as she did my wrists.

I was a little taken back when a rather long length of rope was applied to my arms just above the elbows and she started to pull them together.

Once she cinched and knotted the elbow rope off my wife asked me to test the bounds which of course I did.

The pantyhose that she used to wrap was pulled to its maximum as she looped it around my neck and mouth.

She had never gone to these lengths before and I sure wasn’t about to stop her now!

I have no idea how close she got my elbows together but I could feel my shoulder blades touch so they must have been fairly close together.

The second surprise that my wife had in store for me was a gag.

A surprise because we had never experimented with gags of any sort, until now it seemed.

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