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Texas Statutes - Find Law's hosted version of the Texas Statutes. Court of Appeals of Texas - Find Law cases for the Court of Appeals of Texas.Texas Constitution - The Constitution of the State of Texas. Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas - Find Law cases for the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas.For example, dependency and delinquency cases are managed by the Rules of Juvenile Procedure whereas dissolution of marriage cases are administered by the Family Law Rules of Procedure.Click here to find links to all of the various rules of court procedure for Florida courts.E-filing of Court documents began in 2012 on a pilot basis for certain cases on the general docket and was expanded in 2013 to permit e-filing in all cases on the Courts general and miscellaneous record dockets.While e-filing is not mandatory, the number of attorneys and pro se litigants using the Courts e-filing system grew in 2016.

Texas Court of Appeals, 13th District - Opinions and resources from the Court.

The miscellaneous docket consists of conviction-related cases filed by pro se incarcerated litigants and provides a forum without compromising standard filing requirements.

The proposed rule docket was developed and functions consistent with the mandate of Supreme Court Rule 3.

There are several support units which assist the Supreme Court with its work as the states highest court.

These units are located in Springfield and Chicago.

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Texas Court of Appeals, 6th District - Opinions and resources from the Court.

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