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With spring finally in full swing, and gardens around the nation starting to bloom, our latest dating survey surveyed 1300 Elite Singles members to find out the facts about flowers and love.

We’ve discovered the top 10 most romantic flowers of all – and the secret symbolic meanings behind these beautiful blooms. We give flowers to show both intimate and platonic love, and in both happiness and sympathy.

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Additionally, while 3% of men do admit to sending their partner a floral present, that statistic is far eclipsed by the whopping 50% of women who say the same! Men and women would declare hidden, often forbidden feelings by way of a bunch of flowers – the symbolic meaning of the blooms spelling out what couldn’t be said out loud.

The survey asked participants to pick their favourite flowers to give to or receive from a romantic partner, creating a definitive top 10 list: perfect for romantics, gardeners, and for those who simply love flowers: Interestingly, men and women are slightly divided on the subject of the most romantic flowers of all.

The survey also revealed that it’s important to think about how you present your love flowers.

If you’re giving flowers to a woman, the traditional bunch is best: 79% of women surveyed would rather receive a bunch of flowers than a potted plant, even if the latter lasts longer.

What might be more surprising is that they’re not alone in this wish: contrary to certain male stereotypes, guys are flower fans too!

In fact, nearly 1-in-3 men (32%) say that they enjoy receiving bunches of flowers from their love.

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