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Already a busy offseason for the latest Cleveland GM, John Dorsey, who began the recovery out of the rubble from last year’s 0-16 by finding a new o.c.(Todd Haley)also not sure San Diego is any closer to becoming a fringe contender this season, but the Pads might not be that terrible, especially after hinting that they are serious about putting a better product on the field by shelling out big bucks for one of the prizes of the FA crop, ex-Royals 1B Eric Hosmer.

But there’s another important name associated with the conference who might have had more impact on social change than any other in the history of college sports, and deserves to be remembered by more than a few oldtimers who Santa Clara was making a hasty exit to Cincinnati (and a date vs.That ‘69 Final Four was also a breakthrough in that it was the first sold by the NCAA to a major network (NBC) after having syndicated previous championship rounds and games, produced by the NCAA, all of the way through the 1968 Final Four in Los Angeles at the Sports Arena.So, in 1963, the Final Four was still very much a 24-hour event, conducted over a Friday memorable college hoops teams and stars of the past fifty years are discussed, we're not sure how often the Loyola-Chicago '63 NCAA champs and their MVP, Jerry Harkness, get mentioned.This story fits into the former camp, and a look back into the time machine at Florida State.It might surprise those of the generation and many patrons of sports books in Nevada whose sense of history goes back to the previous week that the Seminoles lived colorfully long before the Bobby Bowden era and have a background pretty unique to modern-day college sports.

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In fact Las Vegas sports books think it is a distinct possibility; several outlets have been posting a prop with a heavy minus price on the national title coming from one between the Tigers, Crimson Tide, Ohio State, Oklahoma, or Washington.

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