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It’s why she’s so in love with her current boyfriend, a 5’8 badass of a man.

Well folks, having dated and hooked up with many a tall(er) woman, I’m here to tell you two important things about my favorite long-legged beauties.

At the time, the Blythewood girl couldn’t have possibly have known her height would be the gateway to a professional sporting career.

Like most self-conscious teens, she wanted nothing more than to be just like her peers.

Here’s a cool secret about tall women: they get approached by less men than your average girl.

As such, if you’re a geek with brass balls, you’ve got a definite edge. Even if she’s not into you, she’ll appreciate the attention.

If you really want to know the factors that affect a vagina’s size, here they are: genetics, arousal, age, muscle control (kegels! The fact is, if you’re with a woman who’s particularly wide or long down there, it has nothing to do with her height.

"My height was suddenly something that was awesome instead of something that I hated.Be careful though: don’t make the joke mean, or it’ll backfire and you’ll have angered the Amazon. Once you’ve gotten over the initial approach, and addressed these two points, she’s just like any other girl. I asked a friend of mine why he’s not into tall girls. I can’t stress enough how ludicrous my friend’s assumption is. For more tips like this post, check out The Geek’s Guide to Getting the Girl.All of the tall women I’ve been with had totally normal sized happy places. "To see her standing over her teacher Peter Richardson is quite amusing, as he is five foot eight and she of course is the world's tallest teenage girl at 6ft 11in." Marvadene took the title from Thai national Malee Duangdee who stands at 6ft 10in."People are friendly with me because of my height and my personality.

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