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Sources: Genealogies of Taylor Swift – of Taylor Swift (focusing on her father’s side) – and obituaries of Taylor’s paternal grandparents, Lt. Many Americans dont know about their German heritage because German heritage such is part of American culture. SICILIANS ANS SOUTHERN ITALIANS ARE VERY DIFFERENT FROM NORTHERS ITALIANS SINCE IN THE PAST THE MAJORITIE OF “ITALIANS” WERE COMING FROM THE SOUTH, THEY CREATED A BIG CONFUSION AROUND THE WORLD IN REGARD ITALIANS.

Log in to Reply She has a lot of western Europe ethnicity. Some of the hate throw toward her on this thread is unbelievable. Log in to Reply That is foolish, “Northern Irish” ancestry is Irish the same as the Irish republic, the Scotch-Irish were the planters here whereas O and Mac surnames are native northern Irish, the Scotch Irish have English and Scottish surnames, not Northern Irish ones. AND NOW THAT INTERNET IS AVAILABLE ANYBODY CAN UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO TRAVEL IN ITALY BUT SOME ENVY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET ADVANTAGE OF THIS OLD AND FAKE LEGEND ABOUT ITALIANS SINCE THEY KNOW THAT NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE USE THE INTERNET FOR RESEARCH HISTORY, ANTHROPOLOGY OR ANYTHING IN REGARD OTHER COUNTRIES.

Taylor’s paternal grandmother was Rose Baldi Douglas (the daughter of Charles Gwynn Douglas and Louise Eurindine Baldi). Charles was the son of Charles Douglass and Mary Jane Gwynn. Taylor’s maternal grandmother was Marjorie Moehlenkamp (the daughter of Elmer Heinrich/Henry Moehlenkamp and Cora Lee Morrow). Elmer was the son of Henry Johann/John Moehlenkamp and Emma Anna Eterina Bruns, who were of German descent. Oh and she can’t sing worth a shit either, IDK why white America likes this stale saltine skank. I was fine with her a few years ago but now I’m sick of her. WHAT HAPPENED IS THAT, 80 % OF WHAT EVERYBODY CALL “ITALIANS” AROUND THE WORLD ARE FROM SICILY AND OTHER SOUTHERN ITALIAN REGIONS.

Some of her ancestral lines also trace back to Colonial America of the 1600s, and to English immigrants of that time period. SICILIANS ANS SOUTHERN ITALIANS ARE VERY DIFFERENT FROM NORTHERS ITALIANS SINCE IN THE PAST THE MAJORITIE OF “ITALIANS” WERE COMING FROM THE SOUTH, THEY CREATED A BIG CONFUSION AROUND THE WORLD IN REGARD ITALIANS.album=1736 Log in to Reply the hometown name of her Italian ancestor is bad spelled, it’s actually Castelnuovo Cilento Log in to Reply William Swift was born in Bocking, Essex, England, c. His son, Jireh Swift, was born in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, c. No point of adding minors such as Italian, Dutch, Welsh and Swedish….I’m sure every human being will have a lot of ancestries within them, but we should the ethnicities that are more predominant in their tree.Her grandmother’s surname is for sure German, but her name Marjorie is an Old English name, so her grandmother was most likely of both. True, it originated there, but is common in places like Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada… My grandmother was named Chloé, but wasn’t of French ancestry, so it really doesn’t have to relate to your heritage at all. Well I am glad she has some Italian blood which is what makes her civilized.Taylor Swift just like almost all Americans is of Anglo-Saxon anestry. Face it, we already know Taylor’s ancestry, and you coming along spouting off petty comments isn’t going to change it, please refrain from being too pretentious now… The person who said she is biracial because she has some Italian in her is unbelievably ignorant since Italians are white I mean do I even have to say that what kind of an idiot doesn’t know that.

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