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Her second piece of advice is to give up the myth that great sex has to be spontaneous--it can and perhaps should be something you make time for, plan for, and commit to. Data expert Amy Webb was having no luck finding a mate, and though her grandmother advised her to just let love find her, she calculated that the probabilities of bumping into one of the 35 men in Philadelphia who fit her criteria for a mate weren't great.So she tried online dating, as she explains in her very funny talk.Unfortunately, we also have a contradictory need for novelty, adventure, and variety, explains relationship expert Esther Perel in her thought-provoking talk.This second need tends to get us into extra-marital trouble, and it's why it can be such a challenge for couples to keep desire alive through many years of partnership or marriage. One piece of the puzzle, she says, is to explore the world, and be their fullest selves, even in ways that don't involve you.People in long-term relationships often say they feel an unexpected burst of feeling for their partner when they see that partner from afar doing something he or she is completely engaged in.

She is a self-professed "researcher-storyteller," uncovering the patterns in human behavior that lead to contentedness and personal success.

She doesn't know yet, but she has observed that humans aren't the only ones who do it.

Did you know elephants can experience love at first sight? Humans have an enormous need for security and dependability and permanence--all the things that lead us to crave long-term, committed relationships.

When she tried it herself with a man she hardly knew, the two of them wound up in a relationship.

Then she published an essay about it in "Are you still together? And though she answers that question in her thoughtful talk, she also says it's the wrong one.

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A Roadmap to End Aging - Aubrey de Grey In this deeply profound TED Talk, scientist and theoretician Aubrey de Grey proposes that, within the coming decades, we will have the ability to prolong human life by decades or even centuries.

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