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then in 2014 it was around 15/16 and now I always end up talking to Yea now you use the tag "Roleplay" and people post like a 200 word text right away in which you "have to play along with" ...

always ends up being sexual though haha and I have to admit, I actually learned English quite a bit by using Omegle.

I still use Omegle but only use certain tags of which I'm sure people are there to talk, not for 'other' things.

EDIT: Also noticed that the user base of Omegle has been getting younger and younger for the last 2 years, around 2012 it was mostly 18 year olds older...

It was really popular with scene girls and iirc it was shut down because there was too many teens getting nakey on there. When my ex-gf was in middle school she used to flash dudes on there all the time.

It's a fun social network made for teenagers with plenty of features that will make each of your visits more exciting.

Basically, the horny basement virgins were always a thing. Eventually there were so many bots that it took like six attempts to get a human, never mind someone worth talking to. We moved on, some to greener pastures, the rest of us just abandoning entirely.

It's basically subreddit simulator, if you substitute the nonsensical posts for pre-recorded masturbatory footage.

I'm one of those people who has been using Omegle for over 7 years now. Around the time Chatroulette became popular, omegle got a video option and the "Interests" came around more and more people used it as a "dating" application.

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