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The investigation began with a call from a Rosemount teenager to local police and eventually expanded to include the FBI.Martynenko was arrested in November 2015, minutes after sending his final Twitter message to a Minneapolis officer who was granted permission to operate a teen victim's account undercover.Is she ever going to be able to go to public school? Clenton Coleman of Holy Name Medical Center told Fox 5."So the treatment may include antihistamines, like Benadryl, or most likely reducing your exposure to water contact."Ivy can only tolerate being in water for 15 seconds before her skin begins to burn and develop blisters.Other victims like Roy, now 21 years old, spoke in court Tuesday.They said they also considered suicide as a result of "crippling anxiety" from having nude images posted across social media for friends, family and employers to see."This case highlighted how deeply disturbing the criminal obsession of a man like Martynenko can be.How not only does he steal the innocence of teenage boys but through extortion, threats and physical acts he inflicted unspeakable psychological damage to his victims." A forensic psychologist who examined Martynenko testified Tuesday that he appeared amenable to intensive psychosexual treatment for addiction to pornography and other mental health problems.

Ivy Angerman of Minnesota is full of energy and curiosity like any 18-month-old child.

For years, scores of teenage boys across the Midwest couldn't put a face or a name to the source of their torment: a man who distributed their nude images across the internet and even goaded some into sexual activity.

But on Tuesday, two of the young men sat in a federal courtroom in St.

She acknowledged that her son's crimes were serious, and said she had hoped for a sentence heavier on treatment than it was on incarceration.

"He's my only child," she said in the courthouse lobby.

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