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After a year, they confirmed their relationship in mid-2015.The couple received criticism from their interconnected exes, songwriter The-Dream and singer Nivea, which led them to split at the end of 2015.After living in Los Angeles for six months, Milian moved into the same apartment complex as songwriter and producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins.Jerkins heard about Milian from a boy band he was working with and once he heard her sing, they began working together.Here is the piping hot tea from that interview: You know I’m a hopeless romantic. At least this time I don’t have the drama around it. It’s hard to maintain that particular moment you were in, even if it’s for two months or four months. My family doesn’t want me to do it.” In our situation, with Christina, it had more to do with a family thing than it had to do with me and her. It’s that uneasy thing, especially in this business. I guess it’s a feeling that kind of comes over of you wanting to or seeing yourself with this particular person, the way that you are then, over the rest of your life. However, the couple could not last much and they announced that their engagement has been canceled.Later in 2014 July, there were rumors that she was dating popular rapper Lil'Wayne whom she appeared the ESPY Awards with.

Later she shifted to Los Angelos, California, at her age of thirteen to pursue her acting career.

Christian Milian earns an enormous amount of money from her singing and acting career, as she has appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and also her recordings, which adds up to her total net worth of $ 4.5 million.

Latinos come in all colors, all shades You should see my mom and her brothers and sisters We just vary in color, shapes and sizes.

Christian Milian's career began at her age of thirteen by appearing in commercials.

Though Christian moved to Los Angelos to pursue her acting career, her earliest success came over airwaves. Christian also garnered a steady stream of acting roles, portraying in the 2007 TV movie Snowglobe alongside Lorraine Bracco.

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Christian's first hit in the United States came in 2004, with her second album "It's About time", and its highlight track "Dip it Low". Their affair lasted till two and a half years, as they got separated in the year 2005 because Nick was cheating with Milian.

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