Things to talk about during speed dating

Teen relationships face unique challenges and don't always last although they can lead to long-term commitments.

If you have dated in high school, you already know there is a lot that goes into it besides just hanging out with someone you like.

Keep your standards intact and organized so that you can easily distinguish whether or not you would be a good fit with someone.I wasn’t going to date to just have a girlfriend anymore, I was dating to marry. I discovered things about me that didn’t work in past relationships. I realized in this time, not I’m looking for — more on that later.Of course, there were nights when all my roommates would be out with their girls and I’d be home watching “Tommy Boy” and eating successive bowls of cereal until 3 in the morning.Here’s how I’ve put together this activity: I always get great feedback from teachers and students with this activity…they love it!By the final round, about half of the students will typically have a book that they want to check out.

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