Tips for dating math nerd

Like dieting and exercising without losing weight, it makes you say, ‘What’s the point?

’Without talking to you or evaluating your online dating profile, it’s impossible for me to tell you specifically what you’re doing wrong.

And, as I think this through, I would guess that this is going to be your biggest uphill climb.

Guys who’ve been around the block, like yours truly, eventually, HOPEFULLY, come to the conclusion that it’s not all about initial attraction.

For women, this means you'll more likely be with a guy who's genuine and appreciates you," says Valentine. ) Hilary Kennedy, a woman who professes to date nerds exclusively, says that geeky guys are hot, hot, hot because they "have a passion for the things they love." She adds, "That also translates to , says that when she first met her science and math major husband years ago, she didn't want to give him a second glance.

There's nothing hotter than a man who knows what he wants and goes after it — whether it be developing a new video game, mastering classical piano, getting a Ph. in biology or even pursuing the woman of his dreams. "He did not go out to parties, and he always went to bed at a decent hour — all while we were in college.

But any nerd can develop the skills necessary to leave other guys languishing in his wake, and men who can give women more than shallow looks will ultimately have hotter women around them on a more consistent basis.

Women's eyes zero in on the most valuable guy in the room.

Women have been conditioned to believe that there's an ideal kind of man they should chase, and in the looks department that's a guy with chiseled features and great abs.

She takes one look at him and sees a "good" provider and protector.

Her basest evolutionary and sexual instincts are triggered, and that's enough to pull her toward him. I am literally a trained rocket scientist and professional nerd.

This is usually where the "hot person, small brain" stereotype comes into play, however. I'm Asian (that's a whole other can of worms).

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Imagine my surprise and delight when he made a gorgeous dress for me as an engagement gift!

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