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And she must have five fucking pairs, and those damn stupid tee shirts that are always too freakin' big on her! The only freakin' parts of her he had seen were her oddball fat calves and piano ankles, her arms basically from her elbows down, and her head! He could sort of tell from the way she walked, and sometimes she would forget to angle her face away when she spoke to him, and she'd forget to used her hand to hide the scars and disfigurement especially when she watched TV. He tried to think of some excuse or explanation but what explanation could there be but the real one? He figured he better go down and just get it over with. When he entered Aunt Jean was sitting at the table not the island counter, her right elbow on the table top, her forearm vertical, her hand at her face as if resting her head slightly against her palm, or holding the dorkwad thick plastic frames of her glasses, but he knew it was there to cover her freak eye. Her head moved slightly, her good eye looked at his waist then back down at her glass of water. Once she wasn't even wearing her thick framed glasses when he first walked into the family area, but she had quickly put them on. He sat down at the end of the table, she was at the side of the table, her good profile towards him.

She had told Dad, but had spoken with him first, saying she wasn't a tattletale, spy, or informant on him, she was just following his dad's instructions, and his dad trusted her to tell him when Ron broke the rules.

That was when he was a little older, but when he was he was really young her weird eye didn't bother him much. Ron couldn't even remember noticing the eye when they played and laughed together.

She'd always play with him quite a bit when she'd visit for a week or so during summers and a week during Christmastime. Maybe she had been baby-sitting him then too, just for an evening or day when Mom and Dad went out.

Gregerson, begging for it in her ass, or it would be her screaming, "Harder! He had a few "Clinton" hookups too when he had been drunk but he now no longer counted those as anything.

When he liked some hot, pretty chick, he was so freakin' nervous, that whenever he had a chance to talk to the girl his brain would go blank, switch off.

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Even without the bare tit or tits, he'd still have a good time beating off, watching her, thinking about how good it would be to fuck her, then shoot his jizz all over her face, her tits, her ass.

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