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Later that year, Ashley found Jack in bed with his lover, Diane Jenkins, and hauled him to the Church Of The Sacred Heart late for his wedding to Patty Williams.During Jack's absence from Jabot, after Patty shot him, Ashley was named president of the company. Eric proposed, and when his belongings arrived from Paris, Ashley found among them a painting of her mother.Both were quite surprised when Rick arrived in town, quite alive, but bent on revenge against Blade.Rick ended up holding Blade hostage and taking his place as husband to Ashley. While walking through the woods, Ashley was rescued from two thugs by the mysterious Kurt Costner.

Ashley began working as a chemist at Jabot Cosmetics as "Susan Ashley" to keep from being labeled the boss' daughter and romance developed with chemist Brian Forbes.She announced that she will leave Y&R in September but it is unknown if that's when she finishes taping or when Ashley will last air.Ashley Abbott was the daughter of Brent Davis and Dina Mergeron.Jack figured out what had happened, and he and Jill Abbott, confronted Dina. Victor Newman found her and took her home to recuperate with him.Ashley forgave her real father just before his death, and vowed that John Abbott would never find out.

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  1. “It seems like it might be flattering, but what they’re doing is putting that person into a box and hoping that they conform to their image of what a Jewish person is, or what a black person is, based on preconceived notions.”Members of minority groups often prefer to stick together.