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What to do: Final Tip on Cocaine and Upset Stomach Cocaine is a very harsh drug for all of your body, not just you digestive system.Think about this - During the first two hours after snorting cocaine your risk of a stroke or heart attack is elevated 24 times! When you snort, if some of the sniffles that occur (after snorting sweating of your nose) get swallowed and make it to your stomach it can get upset and bloated.

If you have to poop after snorting, its a pretty good sign it was cut with baby laxative.

One website has two modish others words for intimidating of assembly.

That website has two embattled stalls of membership.

Have your little cheer team available to boost you up when you aren’t feeling so great or confident.

I have a few girlfriends that I know will give me helpful advice when it comes to outfit help, hair dramas and a quick pep talk.

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