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The EU will speed up the disbursement of funds from the €3 billion Facility for Refugees in Turkey.

This funding will support Syrians in Turkey by providing access to food, shelter, education and healthcare.

How can you be sure that people will be given protection in Turkey?

Only asylum seekers that will be protected in accordance with the relevant international standards and in respect of the principle of non-refoulement will be returned to Turkey.

An additional €3 billion will be made available after this money is used to the full, up to the end of 2018.

The UNHCR will be a key actor in the resettlement process to provide additional support and supervision.* What operational support will Greece need in order to implement the scheme?

1) All new irregular migrants crossing from Turkey to the Greek islands as of 20 March 2016 will be returned to Turkey; 2) For every Syrian being returned to Turkey from the Greek islands, another Syrian will be resettled to the EU; 3) Turkey will take any necessary measures to prevent new sea or land routes for irregular migration opening from Turkey to the EU; 4) Once irregular crossings between Turkey and the EU are ending or have been substantially reduced, a Voluntary Humanitarian Admission Scheme will be activated; 5) The fulfilment of the visa liberalisation roadmap will be accelerated with a view to lifting the visa requirements for Turkish citizens at the latest by the end of June 2016.

Yesterday's Statement targets the people smugglers' business model and removes the incentive to seek irregular routes to the EU, in full accordance with EU and international law.The 2018 Annual Turkey Committee meeting will be held September 14-15 at the Hilton Branson Convention Center, the perfect venue, providing a relaxed atmosphere for networking with live production personnel, support vendors and suppliers.Collaborate with colleagues and co-workers in an educational environment through sessions held on Friday and Saturday.If you are looking for a way to gain exposure to TPF membership, sponsorship of the Turkey Meeting is a great way to show support and gain exposure.The success of the Turkey Meeting is due to the generous support we receive from our members.

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