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Genital HSV 1 outbreaks occur less often the HSV-2.This means about 1 out of 6 people between the ages of 14-49 are infected with HSV-2.Born in California, he moved to England at 13 when his father relocated the family.

If you don’t have active sores they will do a blood test to see if they can find antibodies.

He gained further prominence following his portrayal of Nick Naylor in ‘Thank You for Smoking.’ A very popular star today with numerous critically acclaimed performances under his belt, it is hard to imagine that he was once a struggling, unemployed actor who could hardly make ends meet.

Interested in acting from his school days, he left school to take up a job with the Warringah Mall movie theater.

Moving to Australia with his family, he hardly plunged to the local culture before moving again to England, but in the end had to land the decision that he better attended college in the States.

However, he needed a high school certificate in order to enter filming major in Brigham Young University, Utah so he took an equivalent and able to complete his study in 1994.

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