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Note that if the system should crash without the process closing the file then the file data will still be present but unreferenced, an fsck(8) run will be needed to recover the filesystem space.

Processes holding files open is one reason why the newsyslog(8) command sends signals to syslogd or other logging programs to inform them they should close and re-open their log files after it has rotated them.

Additionally to what have been explained, the issue could be that there is a another mount point of the deleted file directory on another attached disk device on the same server. If some files are deleted but still used by some process then it's space will not be released.

In this case either restart a process that is using the file or nullify the file.

I use the to see which subdirectory is the space hog.

Then you cd into the problem child and repeat the process for all items in it.

To make this easy to spot the large items, we change the du slightly and couple it with a sort.

Perhaps the files you deleted brought the utilisation down to this point, but not below the threshold for normal users.This scheme is used to avoid the Microsoft Windows type issues where it won't let you delete a file because some unspecified program still has it open.An easy way to observe this is to do the following Until the background process is terminated the file space used by /tmp/cat-test will remain allocated and unavailable as reported by df(1) but the du(1) command will not be able to account for it as it no longer has a filename.If you delete files from the filesystem, the command "df -h" might not show the deleted space as being available.This is because the deleted files could still be held open by (defunct) processes, where the file descriptor handles still point to those files.

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