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Still working on motor height."24 SS prop, Motorguide Brute 45#. "Bought boat 2 years ago with blown motor, had it rebuilt, added 3 bank charger, updated electronics and currently experimenting with homemade deck extension. "24 Fury, 6" Slidemaster, HB 998c SI, HB 798c SI, MK Maxxum 80#.

"Can't explain it but boat only drops to 66 mph with a full tournament load.

I said, "Wait, online you offered 30% off, but I'm not getting the email." She said, "Just order it and then call me back with the reference no. Or you can download a partial map on your existing nav." I was also told that I received emails telling me my device was no longer supported. Now that I need to update the map, Tom Tom says they no longer support the device and consider its "lifetime" to now be over!

Maybe Tom Tom needs to say "Free 1 Year Map Updates" as opposed to using "Lifetime" in their statement.

"Just bought the boat (Nov/13), took the 4 blade off and put the 3 blade on and she screams. "27 Yamaha, 10" Atlas hydraulic, Humminbird 1198, 998. Love these new electronics."25 Fury, 6" T&H manual, Lowrance HDS10 Gen2, HDS7, HDS5, Minn Kota Fortrex 101#. It now has new SRS seats w/the coin box from Ranger. Hot foot, two 8' Power Poles, 4 bank charger and a 6'8" 325 lb partner, I'm the little guy at 265 lbs.6" The Offsetter jackplate, Garmin Fishfinder 150, Eagle 300, Minn Kota Edge 55#. I haven't GPS'd it yet but the guy I bought it from said he gps'd at 70.

Been fishing out of her since I was 2 years old and I'll be fishing out of her for a long time to come."25 Tempest, 10" jackplate, Lowrance HDS8, HDS5, Motorguide 101#. "Had a 2005 Z21 prior, the Z521 is a very nice sled...a little more squirrely trimmed out tdhan the ole Z21 and a tad faster. "I've owned this boat for 2 years and have changed a lot of things.

"This boat belonged to my grandaddy before he got his new one. I would love to see some old pics of these boats if anyone has any."24 Tempest Plus, 8" T&H jackplate, Minn Kota 80# TM.

I love this boat and plan to keep it for a while."26 Raker, 10" Atlas hydraulic, Humminbird 998 CSI, 788 DI, Minn Kota Fortrex 101#. When I test drove it we reached 65 in pretty choppy water. The boat is in well above average condition for its year model. I think this is because it is less resistance on the pad. "Great boat on small water but it just doesn't cut it in rough water.I wasted 2 hours trying to find a way to deal with the voice control not working. I wasn't able to find a phone number, email or anyway to contact the company. I bought this Tom Tom, Via 1350 because I had had Tom Tom One for over 10 years before it died and loved it. I don't support companies that sell products especially with a warranty and then make it impossible to get help. I purchased a Tom Tom car navigation with a lifetime update of maps. Having Mark work 24 Tempest, hoping to gain a couple more mph."25 Tempest Plus, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance 332c, 120c, Motorguide Tour Edition 82# TM. "Want to try a Fury prop, anybody with the same rig that have tried a Fury compared to a 25 Tempest? I love my RANGER."24 Fury, 8" Slidemaster, Lowrance HDS7, Mark 5X, Minn Kota Fortrex. "Great hole shot, still breaking motor in, got 4 hours on it. 61 mph @ 5350 rpm gps lightly loaded 1 person."25 Tempest, 10" Atlast hydraulic, Lowrance HDS10, HDS5, Minn Kota Fortrex 101#.

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But then the consumer wouldn't buy their products if they were forced to be honest.

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