Updating data in a database requires updating the schema devon aoki dating joseph gordon levitt

According to this blog post most companies using EF Migrations are supposedly not updating the database schema of production databases with EF migrations.Instead the blog post's author recommends to use Schema update scripts as part of the deployment process.I agree that you should not need to delete existing data.I have heard that South is useful for this purpose. For your immediate dev needs, you can do whatever you want with the database, but at least take careful note of which schema changes you make, because we'll have to do them on the live site. IMO this is essential for any schema update to a production system, whether I'm using EF migrations or not. I would say No, there's no reason not to use Code First Migrations in production.After all, what's the point of this easy to use system if you can't take it all the way?

The best approach to managing concurrency is to add a value will have changed. The timestamp values don't match, the user is notified of the error resulting from the update attempt, and the row in the data source isn't updated. private Sql Data Adapter da Conflict; private Data Set ds Conflict; // ... And it is necessary to reset the both apps' tables.You can update the database schema, of course, but you should not need an upgrade path that requires deleting existing data.

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There are several ways that concurrency can be managed in an optimistic locking environment.

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